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we can win by Sicklesium

First of all, I love your use of colour! The pink really draws your eye in and the blue in his shades is a perfect complement for the rest of the warm colours used here. Bravo. Also, the shading and blending is excellent. It's loose, but not sloppy. I like that.

Moving on to anatomy, there are only a few kinks that I can spot here. The "tail" end of the sprite looks a bit thick - maybe thinning it out a little would make it look a little less chunky? Maybe that's just me. Also, his left wing doesn't quite look right as far as wings go. Keep your wing anatomy in mind when you do this kind of thing: [link] Aaaaand one last thing, his glasses seem a bit too far down on his face (they're touching his sideburn what) As far as anatomy goes, that's all I can spot, so well done!

Before I go, I'd like to say that the animation is SUPER nice and the glow thing that goes on is a really nice accent. It's subtle, which is nice, because the IN YOUR FACE outer glow things are really hard on the eyes. Less is more, and boy did you take that into account.

So, other than a few weird anatomy things, this is actually a very well-done piece! It's all just really polished without looking artificial, great job. Hopefully this a decent critique and I don't sound all butt-kissy here, haha. Peace out!
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Sicklesium Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to critique it.

I've never been very good at wing anatomy. I'm trying to get better. That link you sent was very helpful, thank you!

Thanks again!
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